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Heating oil

Heating oil is used as fuel in heating systems and is characterised by a red colour; it is a product characterised by a very high calorific value and compared to diesel for transport has a higher density and a higher sulphur content.

Although its use is constantly decreasing in favour of alternative sources, it is still one of the most commonly used energy sources for heating.

Fuel oils

These are heavy distillates, but also residues from distillation or other refining processes; their use ranges from the production of energy, to the production of heat for the industry, to domestic heating, although the latter use has now become totally marginal because of the regulations that increasingly limit its use; fuel oil is also used for powering large ships.

Dense fuel oil is widely used by the industry for heating, for propulsion of ships and as fuel in plants for the production of thermoelectric energy.

The classification of fuel oil is based on two parameters: viscosity (extremely fluid, fluid, semi-fluid and dense oils) and sulphur content, which Italian legislation requires be not higher than 3% for fluid oil, 4% for dense HSC oil (which stands for High Sulphur Content), 1% for the dense LSC oil BTZ (which stands for Low Sulphur Content). 

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

This is a mixture of light petroleum fractions (propane and butane), obtained in the refining process, which have the property of being gaseous at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature but of becoming liquid under a light pressure.

LPG is used in combustion and carburation; the fact that, at the time of use, it be gaseous assures excellent mixing with the air, with more efficient combustion, reduction of consumption and emissions of polluting compounds.

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