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What is a Cookie:
A cookie is a is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. We remind you that the browser is the software that enables you to browse the internet quickly by viewing and transferring information to your computer’s hard drive. Websites use cookies to store information about your browsing habits, your preferences or to manage access to areas reserved for you. The administrators of the websites and the subjects who install them through the same sites, can only access cookies that have been saved by your browser. Here you can find more information about cookies:

Technical cookies that do not require consent:
Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A uses surfing cookies that are necessary to view the sites correctly and in relation to the technical services offered, and will therefore always be used and sent, unless you change the settings in your browser. By way of example, these cookies enable Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. to make the browsing experience more pleasant and more efficient, make it possible to memorise your choices regarding consent for the installation of profiling cookies and to recognise that you have already visited the site using your browser. These cookies do not record any personal information from users.
In accordance with the current legislation on privacy, the use of these cookies and the processing of personal data associated with them does not require your consent.

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Cookies for which consent is required:
If, moreover, you have given or give your consent through one of the simplified procedures described in the brief message presented to you at the time of your first access to the site or by following the instructions that follow, Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. may permit the installation of additional so-called profiling cookies by the third-party companies indicated below, which are intended to assist these third-party companies in collecting information about your interests and habits so as to provide commercial information that meets your interests as closely as possible, or is in any case consistent with your interests.

As has already been communicated to you via the aforementioned brief message, you may give a single consent to the above-mentioned third-party companies for them to install the aforementioned cookies on your browser and put into effect the consequent profiling treatment or deny such consent to them and any other subject.



Concerning the processing of personal data that, with your consent, third parties not known to Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. may acquire through cookies, by connecting to this link and using the related service you can customise your choices:

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