Reduced consumption UP TO 12%*

Thanks to the new formula, Q8 Hi Perform performance fuels
are even more efficient, sustainable and performing.

Choose the sustainable evolution of performance.

Thanks to its advanced formulation, this diesel keeps fuel and fuel injection systems even cleaner, providing better engine operation and even higher performance.

It also saves up to 12% of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.






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Thanks to the use of more than 20% renewable components, this cutting-edge gasoline guarantees a reduced environmental impact.

in addition to the maximum horsepower produced by the motor and better cleaning..







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New features in the CartissimaWeb Portal

CO2 monitoring

Q8 allows you to check the environmental impact of your fleet, for a mindful use of your vehicles and a more and more sustainable future. Visit the Calculate Emissions section of the portal, where the CO2 amount generated by your fleet is counted for you.

Monitor your CO2 emissions in three simple steps:

Register your fleet

Register your vehicles in the "Your Fleet" section of the portal entering the required data. The more precise the data, the more accurate the report.

Start your report

Click/Tap on New Report, select the vehicles and set a calculation period.

Here is your report

Click/Tap on Generate Report on the bottom of the page. Start the calculation and your report will be ready!

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* Value referable to Q8 Hi Perform Diesel only (average value obtained through tests on EU roads of some vehicles with Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel engines on a distance of over 1000 km).