Bunker sales

Q8 Quaser S.r.l., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Italia, is active in the marine sales market, satisfying the needs of the wide-ranging national and international demand while respecting the environment and the regulations regarding the specific quality of the fuels.

The marine sales sector supplies diesel fuel and fuel oil, in the various degrees of viscosity and sulphur content required by the carrier, in numerous Italian ports.

The presence of Q8 Quaser is particularly active in the centre and south of the country where the large Naples coastal storage belonging to the parent company, Kuwait Petroleum Italia, is located. To this strength is added the quality of the customer service, through careful management of the logistics, of the product delivery and bureaucratic aspects necessary for the completion of all the orders.

With regard to product quality, Q8 Quaser capitalises on the experience of Kuwait Petroleum Italia and the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which operates a fleet of 28 oil tankers on all continents and, through the control and research laboratories at Europoort in the Netherlands, which constantly verifies the quality and performance of the products.

The experience developed and the structure dedicated to marine bunkering allow Q8 Quaser to tackle a market that is currently expanding thanks to the increase in freight traffic, fast ferry and cruiser traffic, with enthusiasm and efficiency.

For further information write to us a gm_ufficiobunkers@q8.it

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