Q8 lubricants

Q8 Quaser lubricants

Q8 Quaser is the official distributor of Q8 Oils.

The range of Q8 lubricants consists of a hundred different types for automotive and industrial use. They have been created for use under extremely severe operating conditions and have been tested in  road tests (for engine lubricants) and in the industries (for industrial lubricants).

Q8 lubricants represent the best in lubrication and offer the most complete engine protection against wear, rust and corrosion. For industrial use, thanks to constant and continuous quality control, they can guarantee, meet and exceed the strictest standards required by manufacturers and users of machinery in the most disparate sectors.

All Q8 lubricants have the following characteristics:

  • very high-quality products: they are technically advanced and obtained from advanced basic components and use of the latest additives. They allow prolonged use, while saving fuel, reducing friction and assuring perfect lubrication even under the most severe operating conditions, with complete protection against wear and oxidation;
  • miscibility: AUTO Q8 oils can be easily mixed with competitive lubricants of the same type and gradation.

Q8 Quaser products and services

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