Many ways to collect Star Points

Join the loyalty program of ClubQ8 and begin your points collection.

Star Points at the service station

Every time you refuel at Q8 or Q8easy service stations, you earn Star Point for your collection
Find out all the ways below

Earn Star Point with:

1 Litre Self or Served 1 2
2 Litres during closing time 1 2
2 Litres at Q8easy service stations 1
Ricevi Punti Stella con:
1 Litro Self o Servito 1
2 Litri in orario di chiusura 1
2 Litri nelle stazioni Q8easy 1
1 Litro Self o Servito 2
2 Litri in orario di chiusura 2
2 Litri nelle stazioni Q8easy

Star Point through Q8 Lubricants

Q8 Lufricants have a unique chemical composition and are of higher quality than ordinary fuels.

Each L of mineral lubricant

Each L of synthetic lubricant

Gifted Star Points

There are many opportunities to earn free Star Points

New Customer Bonus
Every 1000 litres of fuel
First login to ClubQ8 App
On your birthday

Convert your Star Points using the Convert&Recharge option

With the ClubQ8 App, you can convert your Star Points to anything you want, even  to Fuel Discount Vouchers to be used for refueling.

Rewards delivery directly to your home

Receive your rewards wherever you want with Amazon fast delivery included