Health, safety and the environment (SSHE)

Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. markets petroleum products on the Italian market through a network of roadside service stations, storage and distribution facilities and direct sales to end consumers.

Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. undertakes to manage its activities responsibly and to take all appropriate measures to eliminate, where possible, or minimize potential negative impacts in terms of health, safety, security and the environment and to maximize positive impacts.

At all levels, Kupit's management demonstrates clear leadership, commitment and involvement to achieve excellent business results and turn them into a competitive advantage.

To achieve these goals, Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. , in compliance with the KPI Business Management Policy, is committed to:

  • Offer value and satisfaction for the customer in products and services through continuous improvement, staff development and social responsibility
  • Create and sustain a culture where business results are the responsibility of all employees and business partners
  • Define objectives and targets that ensure continuous improvement and allow their performance to be assessed
  • Review and constantly improve the Business Management System
  • Be open and transparent by proactively engaging with all interested third parties and providing tools to ensure that important information is exchanged with them
  • Manage the business according to high ethical standards
  • Fully comply with laws, rules and regulations in the countries where it operates and its high internal standards
  • Proactively identify the risks and opportunities deriving from present and future activities and implement actions that make it possible to make the most of opportunities and minimize risks
  • Demonstrate clearly a commitment to meeting the principles of Responsible Care, including protecting the environment by preventing pollution and promoting efficient energy use initiatives.

Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. undertakes to periodically review this Policy to ensure that it continues to be aligned with business needs.